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Oh Goodness — Brand Refresh


Treading lightly by minimising waste and unnecessary air miles, Oh Goodness is on a mission to have the smallest of footprints.

Crafting soaps, deodorants & skincare on Wellington's wild South coast, Oh Goodness aims to embrace the beauty and abundance of Aotearoa while producing effective and unique products using locally sourced materials, wherever possible.

The Oh Goodness brand embraces a practical and functional style that breaks away from the usual expectations of organic or 'natural' brands. Its straightforward simplicity is both sincere and inviting, appealing to mindful customers who are weary of green-washing and value connection and authenticity.

While retaining the name "Oh Goodness," the abbreviation Oh'G takes on the role of a nickname, evoking a feeling of closeness, while the apostrophe references the familiar colloquial language style found in New Zealand.

Oh Goodness

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