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Fair + Square — Packaging Re-Design



MAYK worked with Fair and Square Soapery to re-design their full range of soap packaging. Having built a loyal following, Carly needed a more efficient packaging solution that would retain her brand recognition and keep up with the growth of her business.

The new packaging is quick to assemble by hand and colour-coded to compliment the soaps found within. Simultaneously highlighting the beautiful colour range of the product and simplifying selection and storage. With the soaps now fully enclosed in their new boxes, they require less packaging to protect them during shipping and have a longer shelf life contributing to better sustainability overall.

The simple design is in keeping with Fair + Square's minimal yet high-quality aesthetic. The exterior of the box is printed on soft uncoated cardboard and elevated with a curved web tab closure to mimic the logo. Re-design included the Six-Pack Sample Box, featuring an illustration by MAYK based on the botanical ingredients used in making the soap bars.

"I can’t get enough of our new packaging. I keep going into my studio just to look at it... I am in love with it!" — Carly, Fair + Square

Fair + Square Soapery

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